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Double Bread Koji Water

Soy sauce double-brewed from sourdough bread

Our double-bread koji water goes one step further than the already ripened bread koji water, to give a more intense flavor. In soy sauce production, this process is called Saichikomi Shoyu or double-brewed soy sauce: the repetition of the fermentation process and the longer aging time increases the residual sweetness, and intensifies the umami content. We follow this process by brewing and fermenting the bread koji water a second time. 

It is very dark, slightly sweet, and exceedingly dense in flavor. Especially suitable for use on its own, for example, served with sushi and sashimi, or with a little black vinegar and chili oil for dumplings. It can also be used to flavor strong game or other meats, or for grilled vegetables. A few drops over vanilla or milk ice cream is a great pair, contrasting against the creaminess of the dairy.

Ingredients: water, sourdough bread, salt, A. oryzae (koji)

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