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Double Oat Koji Water

Double-brewed soy sauce from oats

Our double-oat koji water is made by re-brewing the oat koji water. In soy sauce production, this type of process is called Saichikomi Shoyu or double-brewed soy sauce. This repetition of the fermentation process increases the residual sweetness and heartiness of the oat koji water. 

The result is a sauce with a hearty but sweet and balanced flavor profile.

It can be used in its pure form for sashimi, for example, or anywhere you want to add extra flavor and a little water (like in an aioli, beurre blanc, or hollandaise sauce). Otherwise it works as a more sophisticated version of the original oat koji water for potato salad, light soups, and broths.

Ingredients: water, oats, salt, A. Oryzae (koji).

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