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Brook Trout Garum

Fermented fish sauce

Since otto’s inception, we’ve served whole brook trout from the spring water fish farm 25Teiche in the southwest of Brandenburg. To make this garum, which accompanies our trout dish, we set aside the bones and cuttings from the preparation of each fish, which is deboned for service. We salt and mature the remains with buckwheat koji, leaving it to ferment at 60 degrees celsius for six weeks. 

The result is a clear, dark amber liquid, brimming with elegant fishy flavor. It can be used anywhere you would use fish sauce, soy sauce, anchovies or even Maggi, such as in south Asian curries and salad dressings, to more rich components and dishes like bouillabaisse or osso buco.


Ingredients: water, brook trout, salt, buckwheat, A. Oryzae (Koji).

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